Beauty Industry Packaging Trends 2011 Preview

Every year, I write an annual feature for GCI Magazine on beauty packaging identity trends. When researching packaging for 2011, I found that many of the trends from 2010 and 2009 were still taking place so I decided to focus on trends not yet covered. Here is a short preview of what I will be writing about in further detail in the upcoming feature:

Geometric/Deconstructed Shapes: alternative shapes in both primary and secondary packaging

Japanese: celebrating Japanese culture – bold, fun, and unapologetically cute

Gothic: dark, edgy, punk rock inspired

Pop Culture: fusing entertainment and pop culture themes

Novelty: shapes, packaging concepts, production techniques

Tropical/Beach: bold, bright colors, tropical flowers and fruits, and environmental references

60’s Era: organic forms, funky and offbeat colors, rounded shapes, psychedelic patterns, and 60’s era typography

Logo Pattern: signature logo patterns inspired by fashion

Industrial: cold, masculine, often mechanical, produced in a silver color and stainless steel finish

Check out the full story in the upcoming April issue!