A New Brand in a Jiffy

Jiffy Lube’s new identity was launched a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that the stores caught up with the brand rollout – at least in LA. Conceptually, the logo is exactly the same, which seems like a good choice given the recognizability and clever visual twist. The looping arrow forming a “J” is free from the dated drop shadow of the original, and skews the perspective of the J to an italic iteration. The lowercase sans serif letterforms were also kept intact, but updated to a humanist font and a ligature added between the two f’s.

The new logo certainly feels more current, but there is something about it that just falls flat. There is a character in the original that was lost here – the new logo is overall much more cold and corporate. Not to mention, there are a couple of basic design elements that were not addressed – the irregular kerning between the letters in the name being one example.

Jiffy Lube certainly needed an update, but I have to wonder if this is enough of a refresh?