Twilight Release Fuels More Brand Promotions

A couple months ago, we blogged about the vampire trend that had emerged in the beauty industry. Now, it seems that automotive companies are coming along for the ride. Twilight New Moon is coming to theaters on November 20, and the uber-successful franchise is practically unavoidable in pop culture right now. To capitalize on the buzz, companies are taking the opportunity to align themselves with this incredibly lucrative audience – whether directly or on a grassroots level.

In addition to several product placements, Volvo is promoting their XC60 with the What Drives Edward website, named for the Twilight main character Edward Cullen. Fans can view trailers and enter to win tickets for the New Moon premiere and a Volvo XC60.

Auto brands Jeep and Buell have benefited on a grassroots level, with fan-made commercials such as the above example circulating on social media sites and YouTube.

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