Interactive Motion Advertising

Advertisers are continuing to embrace technology to grab consumers’ attention. A new trend has recently been appearing in airports and subways. I recently saw one in the Las Vegas airport. As I walked by, it caught my attention and I was compelled to get closer and learn more. This is the desired effect any advertiser could hope for. By generating interest, in this case through technology, an opportunity for advertising to the captive viewer is created in a busy high-traffic area. This particular execution was slightly confusing and ironic as it welcomed your arrival to Las Vegas and then displayed a visual that suggested all your money flying out of your pockets — a visual metaphor suggesting that Vegas will take your money so fast you won’t even notice it. In addition to site-specific messaging, this technology is also being utilized in branded advertising. Nikon recently used this technology to create a brand specific ad for their D700 camera, incorporating the effect of flashbulbs going off as one walked by.